My Odessa Cousine 

First book by Saveliy Libkin “My Odessa cuisine”

In the fall of 2013, the Russian publishing house “Eksmo” issued the first book by Saveliy Libkin “My Odessa Cuisine”. Restaurateur, columnist and adherent of Odessa culture collected in this book all those recipes that Odessa would be impossible without: from vorschmack and fried flounder to eggplant caviar and vertuta with apples and raisins.

Here's how the author describes his book himself: “My Odessa Cuisine” is the first cook book by the real Odessite who loves his city and his business. For me, cooking is not a hobby, not a newfangled tendency to amass "friends by interests" in blogs. In this book, everything is real: recipes prepared deliciously, words by Odessite-friends sitting at the table with joy, and the author who is seriously in love with his Odessa history and kitchen.”

The book fits 60 recipes, and besides them you will find lots of additional materials: practical cooking tips and historical information about Odessa.

Odessa kitchen is a very special kitchen. Hard to say about the relationship of odessites and food better than Mikhail Zhvanetskiy once did: “Stomach is the most honest part in an Odessite. Therefore, we love so much to eat.”

Read the book and help yourself cooking like they do it in Odessa — with feeling, without bustlе, and with attention to details!