We have great news!

Starting February 1, a new breakfast menu has been launched at all Кompot cafes, with even more delicious and healthy dishes.

We have combined the experience of the chefs of the entire group of restaurants of Savva Libkin and developed an impressive breakfast menu:

 - Cheesecakes with sea buckthorn and sour cream from Privoz (by Tanya, Chef of "Dacha")

 - Croissant with Odessa goat cheese and caramelized apple (by Olya, Chef of cafe "Kompot")

 - Toast with salted salmon and avocado (by Sasha, Chef of "Gefilte Fish")

 - Oatmeal with Parmesan and Nuts (by Rostislav, Chef of "Tavernetta")

 - Rabbit meat steak with egg and fried potatoes (by Sasha, Chef of "Steakhouse")

Take a look at the menu, choose whatever you like, come to the cafe or order with delivery:

Меню, кафе "Компот" на Леотовича ( напротив театра Музкомедии)

Меню, кафе "Компот" на Дерибасовской

Меню, кафе "Компот" в ТРЦ "Сити центр" на Таирова

Меню, кафе "Компот" на Пантелеймоновской ( рядом Вокзал и напротив Привоз)

Меню, кафе "Компот" на Адмиральском ( 5-я станция Большого Фонтана)