Cafe Chain

 Odessa, 20 Deribasovskaya St 

near Havannaya St cornerCheck In


блюд из всех наших ресторанов в одном месте - ПОДРОБНЕЕ, или TAKE AWAY. Cafe does not work during quarantine. Keep for updates.

Since 2007 another “Kompot” lives in the heart of Odessa on Deribasovskaya Street, in the building No. 20, where the greengrocery was located once.  And while the Southern capital is still asleep, since 8 in the morning a French chanson is played and croissants are baked. 

Got some free time? Simply come in “Greengrocery”. Here you can meet a childhood friend, your favorite neighbor, your business partner, your first love… all Odessa is here.

Only here you can taste the right Odessa vorschmack. During your walk along Deribasovskaya, have a joy to look at the window with French baking and to get some baked nuts with condensed milk — a taste from childhood. We’re waiting for you here in the city centre, daily from 8 am to 11 pm.